At thinkThin®, we believe that women should never have to feel guilty about what they eat.
You can always thinkPositive® with thinkThin®.

thinkThin. thinkPositive.®: Benefits of Healthy Eating

At thinkThin, we are dedicated to helping women everywhere understand the ways in which they can eat healthy and stay fit. These resources are offered to help you learn more about healthy eating.

“Healthy Eating Plate & Healthy Eating Pyramid” – Harvard School of Public Health (12/11/2015)

“Choose my Plate” (12/11/2015)

“Eat For A Healthy Heart” (12/11/2015)

“Eating Healthier and Feeling Better Using the Nutrition Facts Label” (12/11/2015)

“Benefits of Being Fit & Eating Well” (12/11/2015)

“Healthy Eating – Overview” (12/11/2015)

“” (12/11/2015)