Wellness Trends We Love for 2023

woman writing in a book while having a cup of coffee or tea

Today’s world is full of things that cause us to feel mental and physical stress – many of which are unavoidable. We know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But we’re here to tell you – you’re stronger than you think! With that in mind, here are seven surprisingly easy wellness trends to think about and put into action today!

Creative Emotional Expression (Journaling)

Over the past two years, when people were stuck in lockdowns and quarantine, they had no choice but to deal with the demons in their heads. We saw how mental health took the front seat in most people’s lives. We understood the importance of dealing with our traumas and reparenting ourselves. In December, people bought more journals than planners for the upcoming year. This reinstates the fact that we will be seeing more people addressing their emotions through journals, talk therapies, or maybe even counseling in 2023. This year the emphasis is being given to self-care and how to maintain a balanced state, constantly checking in with yourselves, and being able to express your emotions in a healthier manner.

Sleep Syncing

While we can’t always get the desired amount of shut-eye each night, one of the ways we can save our body the stress of processing a lack of sleep is by adjusting our diets and nighttime routines. This will go mainstream as ‘sleep syncing’. ‘As the quest for a better night’s sleep continues, we will see circadian eating – switching from heavy evening meals to afternoon ‘light’ eating – grow in popularity. Not only will we avoid super heavy food late in the day, we’ll also see new sleep aid ingredients on the block like glycine join our bedtime skincare lineup and a big tech switch-off before bed to avoid nightmares.’ As it pertains to making changes to your eating habits, think! High Protein Bars are a smart way to snack strong while avoiding junk food in the afternoon.

Gut-Brain Connection

In 2022, TikTok users set the internet alight with the claim that ‘hot girls have IBS’. This was a movement that allowed us to open up the conversation surrounding tummy trouble, discussing experiences and seeking out advice for the best ways to alleviate discomfort. The trend is set to flourish in 2023, with more of us looking for new ways to nurture our gut health. ‘With the world becoming more toxic and stress levels on the rise over the last two decades, we’ve seen a huge rise in patience with gut problems,’ says Dr Simoné Laubscher. The chemical messages that pass between the gut and the brain are affected by our gut microbiome – the bacteria, viruses and fungi that live in the gut – and the importance of positively influencing this through our way of life and the things we ingest will become of even greater importance.’

Digital Detox

Our increased dependency on smart phones, tablets and laptops is making many people reconsider their relationship with their electronic devices – and in 2023 this will give rise to the digital detox. Everyone is waking up, and now the impacts of it are starting to unravel.
‘More studies are being published about screen time, more celebrities are quitting social media – even iPhones send you notifications now to help you monitor your weekly app usage.

Cold Water Therapy

Long used by athletes to treat muscle soreness and promote faster recovery, cold water therapy is now being used by many people in their daily lives, whether it’s taking cold showers or going for a dip in chilly swimming spots. Numerous studies have shown that cold water immersion can reduce inflammation, boost immune systems, and ease bouts of depression. Spas have jumped on the trend and are now incorporating cool temperatures into massage and facial treatments to help tighten the skin.

Micro Workouts

Finding the time to exercise is often more difficult than the workout itself. Make achieving health goals easier by sprinkling micro workouts into your daily routine. Aiming for 15 minutes of low-to-moderate intensity exercise twice a day, five times per week, has been shown to be hugely beneficial to both our health and mental well-being.
That could mean going for a brisk walk during your lunch break, doing a quick cardio circuit, or even vacuuming your home. A little can go a long way. Slotting a pair of 15-minute workouts into your day adds up to a total of 150 minutes of weekly exercise, the amount recommended by experts from the World Health Organization.

Plant Power

Whether it’s plant-based food and beverages or cruelty-free cosmetics and fashion, sustainable and certified vegan products are on the rise. A survey published by the Vegan Society earlier this month noted that more than half of consumers in America want to see more vegan-verified labels on products. When it comes to snacking, think! offers up great-tasting, gluten-free snack bars made with vegan ingredients – each containing 13g of protein, only 5g of sugar, and with no artificial sweeteners!