Stronger Than You think! Week One: The Power Behind Our Thoughts

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Welcome to the think! Strong challenge featuring Gabby Bernstein

“Hi, my name is Gabby Bernstein. I’m a personal growth and wellness expert here with think! – the brand behind these delicious high protein snack bars. And together, we want to show you how to fuel your bodies and harness the power of your thoughts, reminding you that we’re all “Stronger Than You think!.” 

Getting Started

Week one explores the mind-body connection through the impact our thoughts have on our physical and mental well-being. Bernstein introduces mindfulness techniques and the power behind positive self-talk and affirmations, all fueled by think! High Protein Bars.

Document Your Journey

Keep a journal so you can track any changes you see and reference your growth once you get to your final week. Using your journal, answer the questions below:

  1. Share a time where the “Choose Again Method” would have helped you deal with a difficult situation?
  2. On a scale of 1-10, how mentally strong do you feel in this moment? 10 being the highest.
  3. What you are looking to gain from the think! Strong challenge?

Two Ways to Leverage the Mind-Body Connection

What is the Mind-Body Connection?

The mind-body connection tells us that wellbeing is both physical and mental. Understanding how your thoughts influence your physical and mental wellbeing allows you to take agency of the impact that your mind has on the rest of your body.

While we all have negative thoughts, we also have a choice in how to deal with them. Using the “Choose Again Method,” developed by Bernstein, you can work to cultivate positive and empowering thoughts.

The “Choose Again Method” has three steps:

  1. Notice the thought – Where are you feeling anxious, fear, or uncertainty? Breathe and let the thought be, acknowledge it.
  2. Forgive the thought – You want to forgive yourself for the thought, for getting hooked into reoccurring thought patterns.
  3. Choose again – Lift yourself out of the fear that the thought is based in and ask yourself, “what is the best-feeling thought I can find right now?” Then ask the universe to guide you toward that thought.

Reframing your thoughts is a moment-to-moment practice. Train yourself to pay attention to thoughts, words and energy. It is only through developing this habit that you can instantly work to reframe thoughts as you think them.

This week, implement the “Choose Again Method” and at the end of the week, write down three instances of when you reframed an adverse thought into a positive one. Writing it down will help you track your progress and allow you to look back at how you reframed thoughts whenever a past thought resurfaces. Gradually, those unhelpful thoughts will surface less and less.

In Week One of the think! Strong challenge, practice creating positive thought patterns. Here are two of Bernstein’s tools to stay motivated as you work to reprogram your thoughts.

  1. Practicing Mindfulness. Mindfulness techniques encompass a variety of activities such as meditation, journaling and deep breathing, all allowing us to observe and acknowledge our thoughts, free of judgement. Becoming aware of any negative thought patterns is the first step toward rewriting them. Meditation is a particularly effective form of mindfulness as it slows your heart rate, stopping the running loop of undesirable thoughts in the mind.
  2. Affirmations. Affirmations are powerful instruments for creating a stronger, more empowered self. They help reframe your thinking, boost self-esteem and confidence, and create mental resilience. Learn how to turn positive thoughts into positive action with these Daily Affirmations.

Make mindfulness a high priority by scheduling it into your calendar. Pick specific times for mindfulness and block them out, helping you feel less overwhelmed during the day.

Join the think! Strong challenge to learn how to implement these techniques, understand more about the mind-body connection, and use think! products to fuel your journey towards a stronger you.

Next week, learn more about mindful eating techniques and the importance of protein and strong snacks in Week Two of the think! Strong challenge.

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