Small Steps to a Nutritious New Year

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The New Year is a new opportunity to adopt healthier eating habits after indulging during the holiday season. However, new habits aren’t formed overnight, so try a few of these foolproof tips to start the journey to healthier eating!



It may not seem intuitive to add in more food when you’re trying to clean up your eating, but a small, healthful snack is a great way to help manage hunger and provide you with energy. Fasting between meals especially when you’re hungry may backfire when you sit down for a meal and overeat. Some great options for snacks are veggies and hummus, cheese and whole wheat crackers, yogurt, protein bars, or a handful of nuts.



While being mindful of overall calorie intake is important, it is not the key to adopting a healthier diet. Yes, adding avocado to fish tacos will add more calories to a meal, but it will also add healthy fats important to supporting overall health. A snack pack of pretzels may be 100 calories, but you’ll be missing out on nutrients like protein and fiber, and Vitamin C that a tablespoon of peanut butter and apple would provide.



Swearing off your favorite treats, whether it’s pizza or pie, isn’t a sustainable mindset when trying to adopt a healthier diet. Instead, allow yourself to include these indulgences once in a while. Having a slice of pizza on the weekend won’t undo all of your healthy eating for the week. It also may prevent you from throwing in the towel on your healthy eating plan once you indulge in one of your favorites. Food is meant to be enjoyed, so don’t feel guilty about the occasional indulgence.



This is a simple, yet majorly overlooked technique to practice mindful eating throughout your day. Before you even put food on your plate, #haveathink and rate your hunger on a scale of 1-10 (1 being full, and 10 being ravenous). If you’re only a 4, for example, dish up smaller portion sizes for yourself. Repeat this mindful eating technique half-way through your meal as well—you may find that you’re already full and don’t have to finish the rest of your plate.


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