May Your Holidays Be Merry and Light

Holidays can make it challenging to prioritize good nutrition around the month of December. Check out 5 tips from our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on how to find balance in eating during the most wonderful time of the year.

1. Be prepared for a snack attack
Pack snacks for when you’re out and about doing holiday shopping. This can help you resist those cinnamon rolls in the mall and help keep you fueled while you conquer your holiday shopping list. Unsalted nuts, thinkThin® bars, and fruits are easy to throw into your bag before you venture out into the holiday shopping frenzy. Don’t forget a bottle of water!
2. Don’t “hoard” calories for a holiday dinner
Do you fast before the holiday feast so you can spend all your calories on big portions of your favorites? Rethink this strategy and enjoy a healthy meal or snack beforehand. This may help prevent you from overdoing it on the ham and mashed potatoes on the buffet table.  
3. Be picky
Choose indulgences that you can only get at this one time a year. Dinner rolls with butter are commonly at the dinner table, but sweet potato casserole may only come around once a year.Enjoy you favorites while passing on the foods you can go without.
4. Save room for dessert
Reduce portions of starches at dinner, like rolls and mashed potatoes, to save room for desserts which are typically starchy as well. Serving yourself smaller portions is a way to have a taste of your holiday favorites without feeling like you’re missing out on the party.   
5. Spritz it up
Make your drink a spritzer by combining half a glass of wine with sparkling water. This cuts the calories in half but still gives you a full glass to sip on. Add a fresh orange slice for a citrus twist.
Nikki DeAngelis is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Glanbia Performance Nutrition who serves as the nutrition expert for thinkThin®.