Stronger Than You think! Week Six: Manifesting a Stronger You

Bowls and boards of breads, pasta, beans, and grains are arranged on wood. Bananas and potatoes complete the carb-ucopia.

Join think! and wellness expert Gabby Bernstein in wrapping up the think! Strong challenge by learning how to set goals and affirmations, culminating in a stronger version of yourself.

Celebrate finishing Week Six by learning how to put the power in your hands. Watch the video lesson above to learn how to set sustainable goals and visualize your desired future, taking steps towards inspired action.

Document Your Journey

In the final week, answer the following questions below and reflect on your past journal entries and progress:

  1. Share one goal that you’ve set for yourself and some ways you plan to achieve it.
  2. What do you feel is a unique strength or talent that you have?

Three Ways to Manifest a Stronger You

If your New Year’s resolution lasts two weeks, listen up. It’s easy to fall into the loop of setting and re-setting goals. Your mindset when working toward your goals makes a big impact and not changing your mindset and the way you view your goals can hinder your progress. Here are some methods to set clear, achievable goals.

  1. Visualization techniques.

    You can utilize visualization techniques to create a mental image of your desired future, the future you will get by achieving your goal. By envisioning the desired outcome and setting your intentions, visualization helps you maintain positive beliefs about your efforts towards this goal and builds motivation.

    Bernstein explains that when we fearlessly state our desires out loud, we send a message to the Universe (whether we realize it or not). However, to effectively visualize, it is key to release limiting beliefs such as doubts, fears, and old patterns of behavior. These beliefs block our manifestation by preventing us from seeing the possibilities of what we are capable of. After becoming aware of and identifying limited beliefs, challenge them and look for evidence to the contrary.

  1. Affirming Personal Strengths.

    Through understanding your unique personal strengths and capabilities, you can better understand the best steps to take to achieve your goal. Knowing your individual strengths also fosters self-confidence and a sense of empowerment. Affirmations are also a powerful technique for releasing limited beliefs. By telling yourself that you are capable and deserving of your goal, you gradually break down any limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

  2. Take Inspired Action.

    Inspired action is about surrendering to the present and allowing yourself to be guided and inspired to do something. You are acting from a place of enlightenment and alignment as you are trusting that things are unfolding as they should be as you take concrete steps toward your goals. Taking inspired action also means that you must trust the process. As you work toward your goals, you must believe that any obstacles that arise are meant to help you grow and learn.

All these techniques build mental resilience and adaptability. They will support you developing a stronger mindset about achieving your goals and inspire you to take the steps toward doing so.

To continue this newfound strength, practice all of these exercises throughout the year. Continue to embrace a think! strong mentality so you can build your mental strength whenever and wherever you can.

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