Three Simple Ways to Stay on Track During the Holidays

Let the festivities begin! The night begins with a warm welcome through family, friends and of course…food. Holidays are surrounded with a plethora of food, platters filled with generous servings, and table spreads overflowing with irresistible desserts. We may feel challenged by the countless gatherings packed with bountiful feasts and tempting aromas. At one time or another, some may have eaten past the point of satiety and into regret. This holiday, bring balance to the table and enjoy the seasonal experience!


During the holidays, some may save their appetite in anticipation for the big dinner feast by not consuming a single thing up to the big holiday celebration. This approach can wreak havoc on your diet for the night. Depriving your body of food may result in overconsumption.

– Start the day as you would any other.

– Honor your hunger and satiety.

– Consume snacks and meals as you would any other day.



Holiday portions and potlucks tend to be heavy with bountiful opportunities to replenish. Have a plan before going to each holiday celebration. Try to pace yourself and savor the holiday flavors. Choose the foods you’ve been craving for all year long and enjoy the experience.

– Start the night on a positive note: bring a healthy dish that fits your plan.

– Select your favorite appetizers and then move elsewhere to avoid unconsciously reaching for more.

– When it’s time to gather for dinner, choose a smaller plate to allow for reasonable portion sizes.



It’s alright to indulge from time to time, especially during the short-lived holiday seasons. Treat yourself during the festivities, but indulge with self-control.

– Choose something you’ve been looking forward to all night and enjoy it!

– If you feel like you missed out on one of the decadent desserts, then just take some to go.

– Most importantly, be forgiving if gluttony strikes.