Forget the Detox – Do This Instead

By Nikki DeAngelis, RDN, LDN

As the New Year rolls in, it can seem like the sugar cookies and eggnog are still sticking to our waistlines. It can be discouraging when our pants feel a little tighter than they did before all of the festivities began. A “detox” sounds like a fresh start to kick start your New Year’s wellness resolution, but the reality is that our body is pretty darn good at detoxing itself. Instead of swearing off all “unhealthy” foods and adopting unsustainable behaviors like a juice cleanse, try these 5 tips instead:


1. Hydrate

During the holidays, it’s easy to choose a festive punch or cocktail instead of water. Get back to defaulting to water when you need something to sip on. Keep a water bottle with you at all times and drink throughout the day. Drop in some fresh citrus or berries to add a little fruit flavor to your drink.


2.Think Plant Based

Make vegetables and plant proteins the star of your meals to reconcile for the beef roasts, cream sauces, and salty meats that are typically found on the holiday table. Swap in lentils and beans for ground beef in your usual taco or stuffed pepper recipe. Don’t forget to include a rainbow of different vegetables at each meal as well.


3. Focus on Fiber

After the holidays, feeling bloated and having an off-schedule digestive system can leave you feeling pretty uncomfortable. Fiber from whole grains and vegetables can help support a healthy digestion and get your gut back on track.


4. Stay Home

Limit the amount of times per week you eat out at restaurants. People tend to consume more calories when eating out due to larger portions, calorie dense entrees, and overeating in general. Plan out your meals before you hit the grocery store to ensure your pantry is stocked for a week’s worth of meals.


5. Be Consistent with Exercise

Plan out a realistic exercise routine that you can stick to. You may feel like you have to be in the gym every day to lose the holiday weight gain, but an unrealistic schedule can leave you discouraged and abandoning all gym efforts. Be honest with yourself when planning how often you’ll work out, and try to not go longer than 2 days without exercising.

Nikki DeAngelis is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist for Glanbia Performance Nutrition who serves as the nutrition expert for thinkThin®.