Stronger Than You think! Week Three: Finding the Strength to Let Go of What No Longer Serves You

Bowls and boards of breads, pasta, beans, and grains are arranged on wood. Bananas and potatoes complete the carb-ucopia.

With the help of think! and wellness expert Gabby Bernstein, realize the strength it takes to put yourself first.

Week Three is where you ask yourself some tough questions to identify what emotional baggage you may be carrying, ultimately reflecting on things that may no longer serve you. think! and Bernstein are here to encourage you in this process, reminding you that we’re all “Stronger Than You think!” and you have this strength inside of you.

Document Your Journey

Continue with the 6-week think! Strong challenge by checking in every week using your journal. Answer the questions below:

  1. In what areas of your life do you feel blocked?
  2. What is the belief that is blocking your desire?
  3. Describe a time where you had to have a difficult conversation regarding someone or something you felt has been holding you back in your growth and affecting your mental strength.
  4. Think of a moment recently where you were in a space of negativity and hard on yourself. How could you have demonstrated self-compassion for yourself in that situation?

The Power of Letting Go

When we try to change our habits, we often find ourselves reverting to our old ways quickly. This is because behind every habit is a belief blocking you from changing. Therefore, to change a habit, you have to change what you believe.

Let’s face it, letting go is hard. However, to experience personal growth, letting go of things that no longer serve you is necessary whether that be certain habits, behaviors, or beliefs. Though the journey may be difficult, the joy you will feel after you do so will remind you that you made the right decision.

How do you Let Go?

Letting go is a process, one that involves tough questions, self-reflection and self-love. You must reflect on the things that no longer serve you and understand what barriers may be holding you back. Recognizing the beliefs that may be hindering your personal growth and mental strength is the first step in being able to release it.

One way to release your emotions is through journaling exercises. Journaling allows you to process your emotions, gain clarity on your thoughts and release any adverse feelings. It promotes self-reflection, helping you step back and achieve a clearer perspective. This week, take a moment to journal about the possible blockages in your life. Ask yourself, what areas in my life do I feel blocked? What is the belief that is blocking my desire?

Affirmations are also a powerful way to release emotions and limiting beliefs. After you recognize the belief patterns that are holding you back every day, start your day with the affirmation, “I let go of the beliefs that no longer serve me.”

While critical, releasing your emotions and beliefs is not the last step in letting go; it is also important to forgive. You must forgive yourself, shedding any regrets you have. Self-forgiveness and self-compassion go hand in hand it is only through this that can you truly cultivate a positive and resilient mindset.

Letting go takes strength and is not an easy process. However, daunting it may seem, remember that you are not alone in this process. In Week Four of the think! Strong challenge, we’ll discuss the importance of movement and exercise, not only to strengthen your physical well-being but to improve mental strength.

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