You may have noticed a change we made to the Nutrition Facts panel on our think! branded High Protein bars where the Sugar Alcohol amount has decreased. We’d like to provide you with some information about this change and help answer any questions you may have.

Did your High Protein bar recipes change with your new packaging?

Our Cookies & Crème High Protein bar has a new, improved recipe with more cookie crunch and better crème flavor. However, none of the ingredients have changed in our other High Protein bars and they have the same indulgent taste you love.


Did the amount of carbs increase in your High Protein bars?

No, the total amount of carbs has not increased and our High Protein bars continue to be certified low glycemic foods. What has changed is the way we calculate Sugar Alcohols on the Nutrition Facts panel as you can see in the example above where they decreased from 22g to 13g.


Why have Sugar Alcohols decreased?

We have removed vegetable glycerin from our Sugar Alcohol calculation. Vegetable glycerin is still in the think! bars at the same amount as it was in the thinkThin bars. Vegetable glycerin is a liquid originating from plant oils. The FDA defines sugar alcohols for nutrition labeling purposes as derived from saccharides (carbs), whereas vegetable glycerin is derived from triglycerides (fat).

For more information on the regulation, please visit: (FDA CFR21 Part 101 Subpart A).


What is the net carb content of your High Protein bars?

We do not calculate net carbs on our High Protein bars. Many people calculate net carbs differently, account for different ingredients when making the calculation such as glycerin, and there is no FDA definition for calculating net carbs. No matter which calculation you use to calculate net carbs, the total amount of carbs has not increased and we continue to use the same amount of vegetable glycerin and maltitol in our recipes.


How much vegetable glycerin is in the bars?

Our High Protein bars have between 9 – 12g of vegetable glycerin in them depending on the recipe.


Will you ever calculate net carbs?

We do not plan to calculate net carbs on our high protein bars for  the reasons mentioned above. However, we have developed a bar that meets the Paleo Foundation’s definition of Keto which includes net carbs. For more information please visit the product page for our new Keto Protein Bar.