Alex Dawson: Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

From the moment we wake up, our mind is immersed in a story. Some of it’s great, but at times, it’s like a crime scene, and it can deplete your energy. In a sense we are passively visualizing our day all the time. With a mindfulness practice, you can begin to reclaim your energy and shape your day in a matter of minutes.

Stronger Than You think! Week One: The Power Behind Our Thoughts

Hi, my name is Gabby Bernstein. I’m a personal growth and wellness expert here with think! – the brand behind these delicious high protein snack bars. And together, we want to show you how to fuel your bodies and harness the power of your thoughts, reminding you that we’re all “Stronger Than You think!.

Stronger Than You think! Week Two: How Nutrition Affects the Mind

In week two learn a few new eating habits to power yourself through nutrition, which plays an integral role in the relationship between the mind and body. This week, think! partner and wellness expert Gabby Bernstein focuses on the role that nutrition plays in both our physical and mental well-being.

Stronger Than You think! Week Four: Small Steps to Add Movement into Your Day

Week Four think! and wellness expert Gabby Bernstein seek to remind you the importance of exercise, not only to strengthen your physical well-being but to improve mental strength. Whether it’s taking a walk while catching up with a friend, attending a yoga class to quiet your mind or going to enjoy the outdoor weather, think! protein bars can help fuel you to get that movement in.