Food for thought.

What Makes a Fruit “Super”

What makes a food super? There’s no formal definition of a superfood or superfruit. Fruits are extra healthy because of their impressive nutritional resume. read more

Meet Grace & Mia

Best friends Grace and Mia have each other’s backs and appreciate the finer things in life, like well-timed sarcasm and well-planned snacks. Luckily, some choices are super simple, like picking between two thinkThin flavors. read more

Forget the Detox – Do This Instead

By Nikki DeAngelis, RDN, LDN As the New Year rolls in, it can seem like the sugar cookies and eggnog are still sticking to our waistlines. It can be discouraging when our pants feel a little tighter than they did before all of the festivities began. A “detox” sounds...

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May Your Holidays Be Merry and Light

Holidays can make it challenging to prioritize good nutrition around the month of December. Check out 5 tips from our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist on how to find balance in eating during the most wonderful time of the year. 1. Be prepared for a snack attack Pack...

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