Funny yet wise. Sincere yet sarcastic. Some unexpected combos just work. Like the way thinkThin® products are nutritious yet delicious. Meet Grace and Mia, a pair of BFFs who capture the personality of thinkThin® playfully yet perfectly.


is a dreamer who gets things done. A fashion school grad, she’s running a coffeehouse until she can launch her own line of clothing. Since Grace can be impetuous, Mia takes the role of assertive yet loveable advice-giver. She helps ground on-the-go Grace by making her laugh.


is crazy-busy in her sales career yet always balances her ambitions by making time for herself—whether it’s hiking with her Labrador or catching up with Grace over brunch. An admitted creature of habit, Mia gets inspired to try new things by Grace’s eclectic style and go-for-it spirit.

Episode #1: Good Decisions

Episode #2: Airport Ride

Episode #3: Screen Party